Kor Consultancy


Kor Consultancy was initially founded in 1997 and Vincent Goff (the current Managing Director) has been pivotal in the development of Kor Consultancy since its inception. Kor Consultancy has now developed into a highly specialised consultancy serving all sectors of the construction industry.  Kor Consultancy provides specific and bespoke solutions to all commercials issues across a broad spectrum of disciplines.


At Kor Consultancy, we pride ourselves upon being centred on a work ethic built upon premium quality of work, a top flight service and transparency in all dealings with our clients.

These facets enable us to provide a user friendly and comprehensive service, which has the ability to manage most commercial aspects of the construction industry.

Employing a team of highly skilled and qualified individuals, Kor Consultancy’s multi disciplined resources enable the execution of almost any type of commercial task related to any type of project. A summary of our services includes on site commercial support from project commencement to financial completion, procurement through to final account negotiation, tender and contract reviews, valuation, forecasting and cost assessment, monitoring, audit reporting, dispute resolution, claims and loss recovery.

Our highly diverse team is drawn from many aspects of the construction industry with extensive experience in building, civil engineering, rail, and infrastructure works. They are capable of adapting to the differing and changing needs of customers, contractors, subcontractors and specialists such as legal experts and the like.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our customers utilising appropriately skilled individuals or groups of individuals from our team to achieve requisite solutions. In achieving this, we attempt to maximise the added value of our services by involvement at an early stage when it is possible to optimise both technical and economic solutions to create optimum performance. However, even at a later stage - during the contract period or post contract - we can still add value via the provision of reviews and reports which can assist in the identification of areas of weakness or anomaly. Our recommendations for action provide our clients with balanced considerations for subsequent improvement and methods of resolution.

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