Kor Consultancy Services - Claims Preparation & Dispute Resolution

Claims Preparation and Resolution:
Our services include: research and collation of information and presentation of claim documentation in a form that is contractually supportable. Preparation of fully detailed and documented build-ups of the costs associated with the heads of claim. Progressing these claims forward through negotiations with all parties involved until a satisfactory resolution is obtained.

Claims Evaluation:
We can also evaluate claims submitted by the Contractor / Sub-contractor to assess their validity, in terms of strict contractual entitlement to the heads of claim raised and the evaluation of the costs that follow from the heads of claim that are agreed as contractually valid.  We can then if required advise on the best route forward to give our client the best commercial advantage whilst minimising the risks involved.

Dispute Management & Avoidance:

By taking a proactive approach to the identification and management of issues, many contentious matters can be satisfactorily resolved before reaching formal dispute. When disputes do arise it is often possible to resolve them through transparent and open communication without recourse to the legal process and the costs that this entails. We have considerable experience and expertise in this field.

Assistance In The Legal Process:
In the event that it is not possible to resolve any dispute other than by recourse to Adjudication, Arbitration, or Litigation then we again have considerable expertise in either the preparation of documents for referral or the preparation of documents to defend a referral that has been served. We also, through a strategic alliance with a leading European law firm, who currently operate globally through its international network of legal businesses, have access to specialist construction solicitors.

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