Kor Consultancy Services - Commercial Management

Tender Appraisals:
We can provide, commercial evaluation of tenders to ascertain: compliance with the employer’s requirements, the financial robustness of the returned tenders, analysis of any qualifications / clarifications that are raised in the returned tenders, with a view to identifying risk and opportunity and recommending solutions / approaches to our client to deal with the issues identified. We can also, if required, provide an analysis of the enquiry documents to identify and grade key commercial risks in support of the bid preparation.

Subcontract Procurement:

By applying our commercial expertise to the subcontract procurement process we will endeavour to ensure that the specified works are procured at the “right” price, and attempt to maintain the margins allowed for within the bid. We can also if required agree specific “trade” terms and conditions to ensure that the risks associated with the interface between trades are minimised; set the subcontract orders up in the appropriate manner, using the applicable subcontract conditions. If any commercial risks do still remain then we will also endeavour to highlight and propose measures to address these remaining risks.

Contract Appraisals:

We can provide an overview of the contract documents and pre-contract correspondence to ascertain anomalies/ambiguities in these documents that may be or have been exploited by the tendering contractors. We will then identify the risks and opportunities and recommend solutions to our client to deal with the issues identified.

Contract Financial Management:
We can provide the commercial administration and financial management of a project including preparation of valuations, agreement of subcontract accounts, cost & value reconciliations and the maintenance of payment systems and records to ensure the smooth commercial running of a project to target healthy cash-flow and provide financial predictability. We can also develop implement and maintain systems to enable periodic evaluation of works on a cost/value or target cost basis to forecast financial returns, identify trends and problems early-on or identify best practice and savings that can be applied on other projects.

Contract Audits:
We can provide commercial audit of projects which could include, but not be limited to identifying contractual ambiguities, commercial risks, tender errors, over and/or undervaluation, inaccurate costing and forecasting, resource management and evaluation, establishment of value for money and review of site management performance. In so doing attempt to clarify whether or not good practice generally is being maintained.

Final Account Preparation and Agreement:
We can provide expertise to prepare the final account from first principles (if required) in accordance with the provisions contained within the relevant Conditions of Contract. We can also negotiate the final account with the Employer to ensure that our client receives its full monetary entitlement in accordance with the provisions contained within the contract documents..  

Post-Contract Audits:
We can provide detailed commercial & project management reviews of completed projects to identify any non-compliance by the parties with the contracting terms through appraisal of documentation, review of final account submissions and adequacy of supporting information, debriefing of staff, identification of any anomalies and abnormal trends. We will also if required report on the findings including making recommendations to our client including possible options for redress.

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