Kor Consultancy Projects - Support Services


W S Atkins

  • Audit of contractors’ final accounts to establish contractual validity to certify monies and a full review of the monies claimed to verify that the alleged costs are correct. Approximate project value £10.0M

South West Highways

  • Commercial appraisal of numerous sets of tender documents to identify and grade key commercial risks to be considered in preparation of the various bids.
  • Commercial assistance to demonstrate an entitlement to an extension of time with costs, and in the preparation of the variation account for a contract in Bude, Cornwall.  Approximate project value £700K.

K J Thulborn Contractors & Engineers Ltd

  • Full commercial appraisals of numerous sets of tender documents over a period (to date) of six years, including the preparation of a risk matrix for the risks highlighted in these appraisals. These commercial appraisals are all for the provision of highways term maintenance works. To approximate project values of £15.0M over the six year period

Dean & Dyball Ltd

  • An alliance agreement over a three year period to undertake commercial & project management audits of ‘problem live contracts’ to assess the nature of the problem(s) and to recommend and implement appropriate actions.  Anticipated projects to an aggregate annual value of £50.0M
  • For the projects reviewed analyse the figures reported to verify correctness or otherwise via inspection of documentation provided and/or requested, assess potential risks and opportunities, review management procedures, provide detailed report on findings and recommend appropriate actions as necessary.
Birse Build Limited
  • Financial audits of 18 completed building projects and the preparation of high level reports giving an overview on the status of the contracts. These specific reports were for presentation to external auditors to demonstrate the reasons for, and the validity of various figures contained within the management accounts.  Combined value of contracts £130.0M.
A E Rodda & Sons
  • Independent review of performance of other external consultants engaged to manage procurement and management of contract services relating to our client’s food production facility. Provide advice and recommendations to our client based on this independent review. Approximate project value £7.0M

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