Kor Consultancy Projects - Telecoms



  • Investigation of organisational effectiveness in management of multiple construction contracts governing infrastructure rollout works including preparation of reports identifying key shortcomings, significant risks, poor practices complete with prioritised and costed recommendations to address issues through both “quick-fix” changes and longer term process improvement. Typical cumulative capital project values of £150.0M per annum.
  • Commercial and project management audit of contractor’s final accounts, site works, and administrative performance. This audit identified over-valuation of works and unacceptable performance in areas such as design and specification compliance, timely completion of works and remedying of defects, accuracy of project status reports, and adequacy and accuracy of handover documentation. Sample analysis and trend analysis of results were used to develop leverage and a strategy for negotiating overall financial settlement of a framework contract covering 3 years work. Negotiation of commercial settlement based on audit findings. Approximate project value £19.0M.
  • Ongoing commercial administration of construction works under national rollout programme running at c. £150M per annum.
  • Provision of quantity surveying support to assist in all aspects of the commercial management of the southern region, on a day-to-day basis. Approximate project value £40.0M.
  • Audits of contractor’s final accounts in the northern region to identify over valuations and potential Customer cost savings.  Approximate project value £20.0M.
  • Commercial management of the 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 “mobile phone masts” roll-out programme for the UK southern region.  Programme value £50.0M per annum.
  • Provision of quantity surveying support to the National Site Share team and Special Events team to assist in all aspects of the commercial management of site share works, on a day-to-day basis. Approximate project value £40.0M.




  • Review of a large number of “legacy” final accounts submitted by different contractors for individual projects constructed under framework contracts. Negotiation of sample selected accounts and subsequent trend analysis and strategic recommendations to increase customer’s leverage in negotiating overall financial settlements on historic work for minimal resource input. Savings achieved were of the order of £1.5million further resulted in a significant intangible benefit through tighter commercial control of contractors moving forward.

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