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Kor Leadership Team

Dedicated & Experienced



Vincent Goff

Vince has; approaching 40 years of experience as a construction professional working on numerous multi-disciplinary contracts, proven and comprehensive commercial expertise, a flair for resolution of issues, and is extremely proficient in the settlement of problem contracts, across all sectors.

He has commercial management experience of large scale capital projects encompassing roadworks, structures, heavy civil engineering, marine, rail, water authority works and building . He has worked with the majority of the standard forms of contract.

Vince has an enquiring mind and adopts a refreshing, no nonsense approach to traditional managerial issues within the construction arena. Vince has held key commercial director level roles within various blue chip construction companies in the UK.

Vince brings experience, drive, enthusiasm, and a broad commercial knowledge. He is a proactive leader who advocates individual accountability yet is dedicated and supportive of the commercial team working with him. He is a driven individual with a refreshing approach to the commercial management of construction contracts.




Pedro Bastos

Pedro is a well-educated professional, holding a MSc and BCom, and proactive leader with over 15 years of experience specialising on large scale capital projects within the construction industry, primarily focused on the natural resources sector.

He has a particular flair for the interpretation and management of various forms of construction contracts, very diplomatic in nature and extremely proficient in all aspects of contract procurement.

He excels in the strategic proactive management of risks and opportunities including the process of identification, assessment, and collation, culminating in the production of full risk matrices, for the benefit of the project teams as well as leading risk workshops.

Pedro brings a different dynamic to commercial management with enthusiasm and energy. This coupled with his project management and extensive international experience holding key senior roles developing and maintaining assets globally for both client and contractor, make him a critical asset to any project.


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