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We provide specific and bespoke solutions to all commercial issues across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Your Flexible, Strategic Partner.

Contract Appraisals

A Comprehensive Approach

An overview of the contract documents and pre-contract correspondence to ascertain anomalies /ambiguities in these documents that may be or have been exploited. We will identify the risks and opportunities, analyse, and recommend solutions to our client.

Contract and tender

Contract Financial Management

Expert Guidance

Resources to carry out the commercial administration and financial management of a project including preparation of valuations, agreement of subcontract accounts, cost & value reconciliations and the maintenance of payment systems and records. This ensures the smooth commercial running of a project to target healthy cash-flow and provide financial predictability. We can also develop, implement processes, and maintain systems to enable periodic evaluation of works on a cost/value or target cost basis to forecast financial returns and identify trends and problems early-on.

Commercial negotiations

Contract Audits

Applied Due Diligence

Commercial audit of projects which could include, but not be limited to, identifying contractual ambiguities, commercial risks, over and/or undervaluation, inaccurate costing and forecasting, resource management and evaluation, establishment of value for money and review of site management performance. In doing so, attempt to clarify whether good practice is generally being maintained.

Claims management and resolution

Final Account Preparation and Agreement

A Piece of Mind

Expertise to prepare the final account from first principles, if required, in accordance with the provisions contained within the relevant conditions of contract. Negotiation of subcontractor and main contract final accounts to ensure that our client receives its full monetary entitlement in accordance with the provisions contained within the contract documents, whilst ensuring best value for money with the client’s supply chain.

Commercial data forensics

Post-Contract Audits

The Path to Lessons Learnt

Detailed commercial & project management reviews of completed projects to identify any non-compliance by the parties with the contracting terms, through appraisal of documentation, review of final account submissions and adequacy of supporting information, debriefing of staff, identification of any anomalies and abnormal trends. We will also, if required, report on the findings to provide recommendations to our client, including possible options for redress thereby providing learning for future projects.

Expert contract guidance

Claims Preparation and Resolution

A Comprehensive Understanding

Our services include research and collation of information and presentation of claim documentation in a form that is contractually supportable. The preparation of fully detailed and documented build-ups of the costs associated with the heads of claim, ultimately progressing these claims, through negotiations with all parties involved, until a resolution is obtained.

Claims and risk assessments

Claims Evaluation

Commercial Forensics

We can also evaluate claims submitted by the contractor / sub-contractor to assess validity, in terms of strict contractual entitlement to the heads of claim raised and the evaluation of the costs that follow from the heads of claim that are agreed as contractually valid.  We can then recommend a route forward to give our client the best commercial outcome whilst minimising the risks involved.

Claims evaluation and avoidance

Dispute Management & Avoidance

A Proven Approach

By taking a proactive approach to the identification and management of issues, many contentious matters can be satisfactorily resolved before reaching formal dispute. When disputes do arise, involvement is typically to resolve them through transparent and open communication without recourse to the legal process and the costs that this entails. We have considerable experience and expertise in this field.

Construction dispute management

Assistance in the Legal Process

Expert Advice

In the event that it is not possible to resolve any dispute other than by recourse to adjudication / expert determination, arbitration, or litigation then we again have considerable expertise in either the preparation of documents for referral or the preparation of documents to defend a referral that has been served. We also, through a strategic alliance with leading law firms, have access to specialist construction solicitors.

Legal assistance and compilation of claims

Procurement & Supply Chain

Paving the Way to Value

Specialists in strategic procurement and supply chain solutions with the ability and expertise to source materials globally. We can assist your organisation in substantially reducing costs sustainably whilst improving internal processes, upskilling the procurement teams and more importantly, adding value.

Tendering and procurement
Services : Services
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